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Ragya Premium means the rest of the 99% of Ragya

Unlock all content in better quality, customise your prahar experience, Browse and listen to your choice of playlists organised by artistes, instruments and ragas, and more...

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An ever-growing Ragya catalog

Ragya’s catalogue is ever-expanding with more and more artistes and organisations bringing in their content on the platform. Free offers a small preview catalogue and no features whereas Premium offers the full and ever-increasing catalogue of 1,000+ hours and full-features.

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Customise Prahar player, your way

With over 300+ ragas organised by time of the day, you can customise your Prahar player listening by vocal (male, female) and/or instrumental music.

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Higher Quality Streaming

All music in Ragya Premium is at 192kbps or higher as compared to 32kbps in the free version.

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Listen to just your favourites!

Premium unlocks the ability to listen to your favourite music on Ragya.

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Ragya's fair artiste payout mode

We share subscription revenue with artists, paying them based on the time you listen. The more you enjoy Ragya, the more artists earn.

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How to upgrade to Premium on iPhone

  1. Sign up or login to your Ragya account on
  2. Choose your subscription plan and make the payment
  3. Log out of the Ragya website
  4. Launch the Ragya mobile app on your iPhone/iPad. Login and access Ragya Premium using the same login method (Email + Password OR Google / Facebook / Apple) you used when you purchased Ragya premium.
  5. Your Premium subscription will be active now

In case the problem persists, please write to us at and we’ll resolve the issue as soon as we can.